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Simply put, having a person read a chart brings it to life, and weaves together all the chart parts coherently. Anyone can get a chart readout of their planet signs and houses and major aspects from “,” but without context, it can be overwhelming and even meaningless. What the astrologer can do is this analysis plus synthesis.

  • 1 hour 15-30 minutes phone/Facetime/Google Meet live session with me
  • (Elections only may be shorter, 30-45 minutes)
  • Audio recording of the session
  • Emailed PDF summary/charts for the reading requested

All reports and summaries are custom-made utilizing astrology software. These are not auto-generated delineations.

  • Your birth date (month, day, year)
  • Your exact birth time*
  • Your birth location (city, state, country)

*If you do not have an exact birth time as printed on your birth certificate, or are relying on word of mouth (mom says 6 am, around noon, etc.), or if you have no idea of a time, we can still conduct a reading. This will affect how much detail we can go into depending on the type of reading, especially for a medical-type reading, but it can still certainly be done.

$100 for General Reading + Yearly Outlook PDF
$75 for Natal, Predictive, or General Reading
$50 for Elections only
$25 for Yearly Outlook summary (PDF)
$10 for additional transit print-outs (PDF)


What type of consultation are you interested in?

Natal (birth) Astrology
Predictive Astrology (Transits and Progressions)
Electional Astrology
Medical Astrology

Please read the descriptions below to get an idea of what each of these readings entails. If you still have no idea what you’re looking for, I suggest a General Reading + Yearly Outlook PDF, or contact me.

A General Reading includes a natal reading and looking ahead with transits and/or progressions based on what is happening in your chart. The time will be split about 50/50 between parts depending on what interests you, what stands out to me, or both. Please add any notes to your form.

A Yearly Outlook PDF is a custom summary of:

– The major planetary transits and events occurring over the coming year for everyone and how they may personally affect you
– Which areas of your life may be most activated
– A list of the lunations over the year with an emphasis on ones that may be most active for you
– Any other notable planetary transits that may have extra significance for you

Approximately 2-3 pages. This is included in the General Reading + Yearly Outlook PDF.

Types of Consultation

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This is an overview of your natal birth promise, in astrology terms. We look at the planets and points in your chart and delineate how they may manifest in:

  • Personality – tendencies, strengths, moments of growth
  • Life circumstances – family structure/upbringing, work, partners, aspirations, etc
  • Your soul’s calling

Most every consultation will contain some element of Natal chart delineation; however, if there is some particular aspect or area of yourself you want to dive into, this can quickly fill an entire session.


  • A PDF of your natal chart and a simple outline of planets in their signs and houses (if applicable)
  • Major aspects
  • A summary (2-3 pages)

Here we can go forward or backward in time for:

  • A particular area of your life
  • A long view of your life — using outer planetary cycles
  • An internal look at your development and life experiences –through progressions
  • A more externally-prompted view of activations, opportunities for growth/expansion, and challenges – through transits


  • A PDF of your natal chart
  • Bi-wheel charts of natal to transits
  • Natal-progressions charts
  • The outline of significant transits/progressions over the year or given time frame requested
  • A summary

NOTE: This is tailored depending on what is requested in the reading (5-7 pages).

Any moment can be a birth time, not just when a person is born! This is the premise of Electional Astrology. The seed of a new project, venture, or any new beginning can be given more auspicious, fertile ground to grow. Similarly, we can look at inauspicious times and choose to avoid those. You can cast elections for:

  • Starting a business
  • Starting a course of study
  • Travel
  • Weddings
  • Signing contracts

For practically anything. Even for haircuts!

Note: I use more traditional Hellenistic techniques but still consider the modern planets.

I will ask for an ideal time frame for your venture. Longer time frames are best, at least six months to a year. For surgeries and medical procedures, see the next section on Medical Astrology.

I consider myself still learning all the facets of Elections. If there is a query for which I do not feel confident consulting, I will be upfront about it.


  • PDF of the chart(s) and time frame(s) recommended to use or avoid based on what is requested and discussed.

All of the planets and signs have corresponding roles and rulerships in the physical body. We can examine the following:

  • Natal (birth) predispositions
  • Possible challenges by transit
  • Elections for surgeries and medical procedures, inoculations
  • Fertility timing

Note: I am not a medical professional, and it is not within my scope to diagnose or prescribe. However, we can look at possible tendencies and timings as a point of inquiry and leave it to the client to further collaborate with appropriate medical professionals.

This can be a stand-alone reading, or elements can be incorporated into a Natal and/or Predictive consultation. Medical elections are separate.


  • A PDF based on what is requested, for example: of a Natal chart and essential list of noteworthy aspects and attributes medically;
  • Chart(s) and time frame(s) to be recommended to use or avoid for elections and timing.

My Astrological Scope of Practice

All astrologers have their toolbox. The types of astrology I typically conduct for clients are:

Natal (birth) Astrology
Predictive Astrology (Transits and Progressions)
Electional Astrology
Medical Astrology

Please note that I use the framework of Western or Tropical Astrology, not Sideral/Vedic/Indian. I also draw upon the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology but would not characterize my readings solely as such.

I am not a certified professional astrologer currently, however, as life circumstances allow, I intend to follow the path to certification and receive ethics training. To uphold these standards to the best of my ability, I reference my time as a Healing Touch student and Practitioner (HTP) from 2012-2016, during which time I also held certification (HTCP).  In seeing clients, and within the framework of the Healing Touch Program, I upheld their Code of Ethics and worked within their defined Scope of Practice. In astrological practice, I strive to maintain a similarly high level of standard to put the client’s best interests first, and to above all, do no harm.

The following guidelines are drawn from the below referenced organizations and ones that I strive to uphold to the best of my ability:

  • Bring no harm to the client.

Act in the client’s best interest, and if issues are brought to me that are beyond my training and expertise, I will refer them to other practitioners/resources.

It is my duty as an astrologer to remain open-minded and not make deterministic or fatalistic statements that would impart undue harm or fear.

  • Uphold client confidentiality.

Any personal information shared for the session (birth data) or details within the counseling session are maintained as private unless given permission otherwise. In the case of using chart examples in teaching for example, I would ask for permission and still uphold client anonymity.

Any questions regarding charts/relationships with others of the client should have obtained permission to use their chart, and context should remain centered upon the reading for the client.

  • I do not discriminate based on ethnicity, race, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or identity. It is my duty to remain as unbiased as possible with a client’s identifications and beliefs. However, should I encounter a scenario where I cannot remain objective, I would respectfully conclude the session and attempt to refer to another practitioner.
  • Boundaries are to be respectfully maintained between astrologer and client.

Financial transactions are to be agreed upon prior to the session, and there is to be no physical, verbal, or sexual manipulation or conduct from either side in any way.

  • It is my duty as an astrologer to use the astrological tools (such as software) as accurately as possible, to state mistakes when they are made, and to always strive to better my own astrological acumen.
  • If any non-astrological tools are requested to be used in the session, this is to be agreed upon by both client and astrologer. The extent to which any methods are used is to be considered within the same price range as the astrological reading.
  • The type, duration, and fees of services should be determined prior to the session.
  1. Ethical Standards and Guidelines International Society for Astrological Research, revised 2007. New revision forthcoming.
  2. Code of Ethics and By-Laws: OPA ETHICAL GUIDELINES.
  3. Healing Touch Program Code of Ethics.
  4. Healing Touch Program Scope of Practice.